They say that knowledge is power, and books certainly give you that. Buy these books before you get to Taiwan, and prepare yourself for your visit.
Taiwan has a fascinating, rich history full of intrigue and drama. Learn about its relationship with China and its years under Japanese rule.



Today we tend to think of our phones as the answer to all of our navigational needs. Well, yes, they are good for looking at small areas, but they don’t work well for looking at the big picture. Maps allow us to get an overview in a special, tactile way that is lost to those who only use screens to examine the world.




Our smartphones are powerful tools when used correctly. There are now millions of apps that seemingly do anything and everything. Here are some apps that should be on your phone if you are travelling to Taiwan.


  • Transit
  • Windy
  • Google Maps
  • Airvisual
  • Taiwan Religious Culture Map