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Kaohsiung – My hometown!

I could probably create a complete website just about the wonders of Kaohsiung. But, for now, I won’t.

What I will do is distil the things I have learnt about the city down to just the very best ideas.

The port of Kaohsiung is a large, bustling city located in the south-west of Taiwan. It has a population of 2.8 million.

Getting to the city is very easy as it has an airport and the city location is at the southern end of the high-speed rail line. For the budget conscious, there are also buses and regular trains too!

Kaohsiung’s weather is somewhat warmer than that of Taipei in the north. Winters in Kaohsiung are warm and dry.

Life is made up of choices. What we choose to do has an impact on everything. In our daily lives, we settle for the mundane, the ordinary. When we travel, we cannot rely on our daily routines. The familiar is gone!
We all want special, we all want memories to last a lifetime.
Three is the number. Why? Endless choice breeds self-doubt.
I give you three of my personal favourites. But, as always, the choice is yours.

Where to Stay

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1. Silks Club

Silks Club hotel is one of the finest hotels in the city. It has top-notch facilities along with a great location which is close to the MRT and Exhibition Center. Sanduo shopping area is a short walk away and is well worth a visit. The price is higher than most, but it’s money well spent. Website Map

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2. Hotel Cozzi

Hotel Cozzi is a luxury hotel at affordable prices. The location is right in the middle of the Sanduo shopping district making it ideal. The MRT is very close too so exploring the city is easy! Website Map

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3. Trip GG Hostel

For those on a budget, I have chosen Trip GG Hostel. The hostel is located right next to Formosa Boulevard MRT station (exit 1), which is the junction of both MRT lines. The hostel is both clean and affordable. Website Map

Best Food & Drink

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1. Gang Yuan Beef Noodles

You cannot visit Taiwan without eating Beef Noodles. This dish could be considered the national dish! Try noodles at what is probably the best place in town.  Map

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2. Old Zheng Xing Coke Roast Duck Pavilion

If you are a fan of crispy, aromatic duck, then look no further! You get high quality food at reasonable prices. Website   Map

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3. The Spice Shop

Yes, I know what you are thinking! Why is he recommending an Indian restaurant to someone visiting Taiwan? Easy! This is one of my favourite restaurants. The Spice Shop produces consistent, high-quality curry. Map

See & Do

1. Take the ferry to Cijin

The small island of Cijin is just a short ferry ride away and is well worth going. It will get you out of the busy city and let you enjoy the coastline. There are bicycles for hire which is a must do in my opinion. Map

2. Shopping, shopping, shopping!

Kaohsiung is blessed with a large variety of places to shop. Sanduo shopping district, Dream Mall and then there is the Computer/Camera Street near Kaohsiung Main Train Station.

3. Take a day on the MRT

The MRT system in Kaohsiung is very simple, it’s only two lines. It also takes you to many great places! You could spend time at the Pier 2 Arts Center and then visit Dadong Arts library. Get off at any station and explore!

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